About us

Welcome to Bailey & Blush Boutique

  My name is Lauren Bailey and I'm the owner and founder of Bailey & Blush Boutique. I'm 25 years old from Lake Saint Louis, Missouri! In December 2019, I received my bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising from Southeast Missouri State University. My dream has always been to open my own clothing boutique and I'm a firm believer in dreams don't work unless you do. Truly anything in this world is possible if you set your mind to it. Especially with right support system, I wouldn't be where I am today or who I am today without the love and endless support from my family. I can't imagine what Columbia has in store for myself and my brand, but I am thrilled to be building a store that is a true refection of my personal style and that I'm extremely proud of. I'm excited to put down roots in a town I'm already in love with and can't wait for Columbia, Missouri to see what Bailey & Blush Boutique has in store for them too. ♥


My Vision

Bailey & Blush is a women's clothing boutique and our mission is to always have a little something for everyone. We provide clothing that reflects upcoming chic trends, but we will always carry timeless pieces that will be a staple in your closet. B&B's style is a personal refection of my style, which truly the biggest inspirations for me has always been my mom and my aunt. I grew up in a family of chic women with eye catching taste in clothing. Fashion is fun, personal, and a great form of self expression. I truly believe that a new outfit has the power to inspire so much self confidence!